CAUSE prayer welcomes you to our community! C.A.U.S.E. - Concerted,Agreeing,United,Sustained,Extra-ordinary- Prayer


 We are followers of Jesus and of different church backgrounds that are hungry to see a spiritual awakening in our city. We are also looking for more prayer warriors in the Paragould, Greene county area that will stand in the gap for our city and nation. Will you answer the call?

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Community Activities

2 Chronicles 7:14

If my people, which are called by name, shall humble themselves, and pray, and seek my face, and turn from their wicked ways; then will I hear from heaven, and will forgive their sin, and will heal their land.

  This generation of Christians are responsible for the souls of this generation. Brother Rick Clark has felt that God  lead him to start a prayer meeting on Saturday nights at 5:00 pm. Come join us in praying for the Paragould and Greene county area, and our nation.


For Information call 870-240-7475

Prayers for the Church. Those who are already saved, but need revival.
1.  Ask for  a Spirit of Humility to be imparted to all Christians, beginning with those in influential positions, whether they be Kingdom of God or civil positions.
2.  Ask for a Spirit of Prayer to come upon all the true Christians in our area.
3.  Ask for a Spirit of Conviction of sin to convict the Church of indifference, lethargy, complacency, apathy and all other sins.
4.  Ask for Spirit of Unity and a Spirit of Grace to rest upon all the church leaders and their respective congregations.
                                         Salvation Intercession   
            Practical Ways of Praying for Your Loved Ones into God's Family

1. Ask God to soften their hearts. Pray for the condition of their hearts to change.
Ezekiel 11:19
 2. Ask God to send a spirit of conviction. Ask for the release of the spirit of conviction of sin, righteousness, and judgment to come.
 3. Ask God to send a spirit of revelation. Ask for the spirit of wisdom and revelation (dreams, visions, angelic visitations).
4. Ask God to bring His Word to remembrance. Ask the Lord to bring to their remembrance any of the good words of God that they were taught from their childhood to this day.
5. Pray prayers of forgiveness. Forgive your mother, father, son, daughter, your friends and other loved ones. Forgiveness is the master key that unlocks the prison door to a heart of stone. Through forgiveness comes a place of identification. The model prayer of Jesus is not an individual prayer. It is a corporate prayer: "Our Father which art in Heaven...Give us this day our daily bread...forgive us our debts [sins]..." (see Matthew 6:9-15).
6. Pray for laborers for the harvest. This is a prayer that the Lord Jesus Himself recommended.
7. Pray for a revelation of eternity. In some ways, praying for a revelation of eternity is like praying for the release of a spirit of conviction. Here, however, you're asking the Lord to give a person an awareness of the realities of both Heaven and Hell. Many people live their whole lives as if this world is all there is. They need to have their eyes opened to the startling reality of an eternal Heaven and Hell. They also need to recognize that no one is righteous enough to make it to Heaven without Jesus. You can combine this prayer with a prayer for revelation, asking even for dreams of Heaven and Hell. You can also combine it with a prayer for remembrance of something they once heard about Heaven or Hell. People need a revelation of eternity before they will consider Jesus' invitation to join Him in Heaven.
8. Resist the enemy in Jesus' name. Pray to break the powers of darkness that are generational and hindering your loved ones from the saving power of Jesus' Blood. 
9. Solicit other people's prayers. Enroll other intercessors to pray for your loved ones.
10. Pray for a revelation of God's love. This may be the most important point. Ask God to overwhelm your loved one(s) with His love. It's the kindness of God that draws us to repentance (see Romans 2:4 and Romans 12:14, 19). Of course, He will use difficult circumstances to make someone desperate, but don't pray for Him to send difficulties. Don't partner with the devil's work. Partner with God, who is good all the time, and pray for a revelation of God's love in the midst of whatever happens. Otherwise, times of crisis will be wasted. If the person doesn't grasp the fact that God loves him or her right in the middle of a grave situation, the person may simply walk away, adjust to it, or otherwise not gain any eternal benefit from it.

 Let's lift names before the throne of the Almighty of family, friends, and co-workers and ask the Lord of the Harvest to save them through the power of His divine love!


, paragould, arkansas

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